Accounting and outsourcing services

At AGM we provide a wide range of tailor made services to assist our clients in running their companies, managing the business and their assets.

Stipulated below are our day-to-day accounting and outsourcing service offerings (AOS) which include accounting and administrative services, management accounting, payroll, preparation of statutory financial statements and tax compliance services.

Accounting Services

  • Posting of incoming and outgoing documentation
  • Maintenance of fixed assets and other mandatory registries
  • Preparation of bank reconciliations
  • Preparation of debtors and creditors reconciliations
  • Preparation of budgets and budget realization reports
  • Supervision of internal accounting departments
  • Outsourced accounting in client’s accounting system and premises

Management accounting

  • Development and preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly management accounts and other management reports, both individual and consolidated, as per local legislation and IFRS


  • Calculation of the payroll and preparation of payroll reports
  • Maintenance of HR register
  • Registration, deregistration of employees
  • Preparation of monthly pay slips for each employee
  • Preparation of the bank transfer report for the payment of salaries through the bank
  • Assistance with Personal Income Tax and relevant contributions to foreign assigned staff

Preparation of statutory financial statements

  • Preparation of annual statutory financial statements in accordance with the local legislation (for statistical purposes and final) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)